velutina Asian hornet pheromone trap
The PCP Vespa velutina pheromone trap is ideal for traping Vespa velutina's using the correct attractant.

Size: 12cm x 12cm x 21cm high (approx)

The instructions inside explain how to use this Asian hornet pheromone trap. Hanging this trap in your apiary will allow you to effectively monitor the presence and capture the Asian hornet.


This trap can use normal attractant or can be used as a pheromone stryle trap at the top. 


PLEASE NOTE - We do not supply this item to 'RETAIL CUSTOMER' This item is only available to our wholesale customers. If you are a retail customer, please purchase this item from a local store.

This product has been tested. 
  • Available in yellow and green
  • If used with our attractant, does not attract bees
  • The trap can be easily suspended or placed on a stick or pole in the ground.

velutina Asian hornet pheromone trap