Product recall MT314

Product recall - Green funnel moth trap -MT314

Please be aware that we have encountered a fault with the above product manufactured between 18th -19th July 2018.

We are recalling batch number 2480 and 2481 of Product MT314.

If you have recently taken delivery of the MT314 Green funnel moth trap - please check the box to see if you have a faulty batch number.

The fault lies with the connection of the base to the cover and you will notice it comes apart easily.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused and request that you log into the sales portal to arrange a replacement or call your representative.

The issue was caused by one of the mould components developing a fault. We have now replaced the faulty component and subsequent production of batch 2483 shows the fault has been rectified.

After customer confirmation and checking previous batches, we believe this to have developed during batch 2480 and consequently thought to batch 2482 where it was picked up by the assembly line.

We will arrange collection for free and replacement of all faulty goods. Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Our after care sales team will also be tracing all orders sent to arrange replacements.

In the meantime, If you believe you have been affected, please contact your representative or call:

0843 886 8236, alternitively email

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