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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

GWT-009-PCP-wasp trap

As most of you will know, this year has been harder than ever with production and lead times. Whilst we always endeavour to keep a high level of inventory allowing us to easily meet customer demand, this year this unfortunately was not always possible.

Due to a massive and unexpected increase in sales during 2017 we ran dry on 5 major lines, thus pushing back volume orders by a further week. Despite opening up more production lines, those of you ordering product code GWT-009 had to wait approx 20 days for delivery - which is not ideal when you are out of stock!

The Original velutina trap - Product code OVT-002

The Original velutina trap - Product code OVT-002 sold out in April, June and August this year and With the continued demand we had a huge backlog of 22 days from order during peak season despite having over 40'000 of product OVT-002 in stock at the start of April and an additional 20'000 per month scheduled through to October!

Stock levels...

We have made a review to avoid this in future but also request that all customers review their inventory levels too. Please can you plan your stock levels ahead to avoid the repeated last minute ordering, If they haven't already, Sales will be contacting you to see what your expectations are for next year. 

If you don't communicate future orders with sales then trying to keep our stock levels afloat will be a nightmare.

For those of you running seasonal lines, please give sales an indication without making a commitment or indicate a future delivery date upon ordering.

To encourage you to work ahead, we will be offering a further 5% discount to all pre-advanced orders received during 2017 -2018. If you have any questions, please contact sales@pestcontrol-traps.com where a member of our team may be able to assist you in forward planning. 

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