(1) Hanging cord

(2) Lid

(3) Cage

(4) Funnel

(5) Base


ASSEMBLING (A) Match the lid with the four coinciding ends of the funnel and apply pressure one at a time ensuring they click into place (B) Place the funnel onto the base and fix by applying gentle pressure and twisting.

Original Velutina trap parts.JPG
original velutina trap assembly.JPG

Each ORIGINAL VELUTINA-TRAP (Asian hornet trap) contains the following instructions in English (unless requested in other languages) when ordering wholesale. If you need the instructions in another language, please see available download below

Adding Attractant - Simply pour 300 - 500ml of PCP Velutina attractant into the base and place the trap in the desired area. Alternatively, you can mix your own bait using our ‘Home-made formula’ instructions below.

Home-made formula - The trap should contain 300-500ml of liquid, half blueberry juice or a similar sweet fruit syrup and half dark brown beer or sweet white wine as follows:

  • 150 - 250ml of your choice of alcohol as above

  • 150 - 250ml of your choice of sweet fruit juice as above

The ORIGINAL VELUTINA-TRAP is also equipped with a removable top dispenser cage that can be used to place non-liquid attractants, such as protein, pheromone dispensers, or other substances if required.

Placement of trap - For beekeepers, traps should be hung in trees close to or on hive stands. Otherwise the trap should be hung or placed outside in and around any affected areas ideally at 1m high


Re-filling - You should replace the liquid between 14 days – 28 days or sooner if evaporation occurs.